This ointment is EXCELLENT for eczema, too! (I don’t have a tattoo…yet 🙂 ) A friend gave me a tube to try recently, and I am very pleased to report that it is working very nicely. I will be buying more, and recommending this product, both to fellow sufferers, and a few overseas tattooists. Thank you so much.

Anastasia Wilkie – Tauranga

I would highly recommend Anoint in the use of protection of the skin in the after-care of radiation treatment for cancer.
The effect on the skin around my neck after radiation treatment was exactly like bad sunburn, which could break out and become raw and infected. Anoint sealed, giving protection allowing healing to take place without worsening. It felt safe to use and I saw improvement almost immediately.
The excellent outcome was that there was no scarring either. Brilliant!

Joy – Wellington

‘Got this stuff from @thenativecrew when I had my tamoko done & it’s seriously good! Must have for all fresh ink! Leave the Bepanthen for baby bums and get you some Anoint!!

Instagram post by _cche

‘ I’m so happy I went with Anoint aftercare! My tattoo healed so well and didn’t flake up much at all. The colours have remained bright too. Yay so stoked. I totally recommend this product. ‘

FB post by Rachael Cole

I started using your guys’ product on Thursday for my first large piece and I just wanted to email to tell you guys how much I love it! It smells so nice and feels really good on as well. But I have found another purpose as well! I do olympic lifting and crossfit, and today I got a massive tear on my palm from bar muscle ups. I took off the rip and it was bleeding (nasty, sorry) and a bit later I thought I might just put some Anoint on it because why not, it can’t get any worse. It’s been 5 hours now, and you would not believe the difference! The pain is completely gone, I can move my hand like normal, and it’s not red or bleeding/weeping anymore (nasty again, sorry). I’ll be able to train again tomorrow I reckon, and all because of Anoint! Just wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome multi-functional product!! I’ll definitely be back for more!!

Kayla from Wellington

‘The only natural alternative for tatt cream. It’s the only thing I want to use. I seriously can’t rave about it enough!! I could be on an infomercial for this sh*t cos’ I love it that much I suggest it to anyone and everyone. I never have any cos I keep giving it away to my friends who get tatts cos I don’t think they should use anything else!! It’s f***ing amazing!

Lucy – Mae Auckland, NZ

‘Used this on my latest tattoo (covering my kneecap and upper shin) and it did a proper job’

Jon Pawson New Zealand


one week after completion with Anoint Natural Tattoo Aftercare – thanks, love it!

Jason Lake New Zealand

‘By far the best tattoo aftercare i’ve ever used! And it’s also very good to care for my toddler’s dry skin during Winter’

Juerg Stockar Switzerland

It’s helping heal my newest piece very nicely and it’s given some of my old ones a new lease of life. Also discovered anoint is good for little people’s bumps and bruises lol my son had a fight with a wall and it took the swelling right down and there’s next to no bruising. I couldn’t find my arnica and thought I’d try the anoint instead.

Stacey Philip Scotland

I started using Anoint for my tattoo but shortly after I got badly sunburnt the Anoint cream was the only thing that immediately soothed and healed the area.
Since then we (me and my family) have used it for just about everything from cold sores to insect bites, after care for hair removal with hot wax, anything where the skin is red, raised or irritated.
Nothing else works like it or soothes as fast…I love, love, love it!

Maria from Auckland

Love Anoint! Great having it here for my clients.

Croc Tatau Rarotonga

This is a beautiful natural cream that really works, my clients love it!

Jacqueline Spoerle Switzerland

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